There are only two things…Love and Fear…when you replace Fear with Unconditional Love in the Eternal moment of NOW…that is the Moment in which Miracles are Manifested.  ~Donna McGrath

Donna McGrath

             Donna McGrath
 Enlightened Master Energy Healer

Donna McGrath, former NIH Molecular Biologist, was invited to The White House under Ronald Reagan for her ground-breaking work with sickle-cell anemia, which was noted in TIME, Newsweek, API, UPI, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and The New England Journal of Medicine. During her life-altering 1994 Journey to Enlightenment experience, documented in her upcoming biography “From Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality”, A True Out-of-Body Journey to Enlightenment.

In 1994, while reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, The Light of God revealed the history of the planet to her and the “cure for all dis-eases”, which is the perfect balancing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. She since has perfected her gift, intuitive skills and technique to be an instrument of The Light.

Mystical Experiences MP3-   Hear Donna McGrath read excerpts from her Light Experience in her book”From Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality, A True Out-of-Body Journey to Enlightenment”.

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Through her work as a Divine Instrument of the Light, utilizing Christ Consciousness Energy, Donna has facilitated healing in cases of dermatomyocytis, autoimmune dis-eases, gastric ulcers, asthma, grief, dysfunctional relationships, addictions, obviated the need for liver and lung transplants and has facilitated healing in cases of migraine headaches, breast cancer, colon cancer, gluten intolerance, allergies, fibromyalgia, broken bones, psoriasis, eczema, Herpes, HIV and more… these and more cases will be documented in her book, Miracles of Total Body Healing, True Cases of Miracle Healings from the Files of a Master Energy Healer.

Donna McGrath has traveled with The Whole Life Expos, New Life Expos, Mind, Body, Spirit Expos nationally as well as internationally. As her work developed, she later performed thousands of additional long-distance Miracles in her sessions around the world using what she terms energy work, coupled with “Psychic Psychology”, as well as transmitting quantum flower essence energies. She is one of the Top 3 healers in the world and one of world’s best kept secrets.

The above healing miracles were accomplished by replacing fear patterns with Unconditional Love and by energetically identifying and erasing emotional and mental traumas from clients’ akashic soul records throughout all dimensions, time and space.

Donna has worked with over 45,000 clients in her workshops, radio shows, seminars and private sessions since 1994. Healings have included inflating a Project Runway Model’s collapsed lung over the phone energetically, dissolving grapefruit sized ovarian tumor in 5 mins., healing a man of prostate cancer, memory issues in 20 mins., and healing a 5 year-old girl of deadly dermatomyocytis in two sessions allowing her to visit Disney totally healed with The Make-A- Wish Foundation.

Her prophetic visions have since all come true including…The Blizzard of 1996, Hurricane Floyd, 9/11, Falling of the Stock Market, The Indonesian Tidal Wave, rising oil prices, the China Earthquake, the current American Economic Depression. These and other future prophecies will described be in her upcoming book, Prophecies from The Light 2016 and Beyond. Following her experience, Donna was gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the ability to perform Intuitive Mediumship readings regarding Contact with the Deceased and performed 12,000 individual/family sessions.

Donna McGrath’s film credits which can be seen on IMDB include acting in and advising on the set of The Mandala Maker, an indie film in which a young woman heals herself of a severe emotional trauma by painting healing mandalas, which qualified for an Oscar in 2009 and has won many film awards. She starred in Snake Hill, a documentary film in which Donna, blindfolded, psychically analyzed and provided details regarding the largest disinterment/re-interment in US history at New Jersey’s infamous Snake Hill burial grounds.

Donna’s work has now moved to larger audiences where she speaks, teaches healing workshops and custom channels audience healings. Her Miracles of Total Body Healing Meditation MP3 is available now and can be used to heal personal conditions by simply listening. To purchase click the add to cart button below.

Miracles of Total Body Healing MP3

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This fantastic MP3 recording/meditation was designed for the listener to heal,cleanse, balance and detoxify any condition the listener sets the intention to be. It can be listened to over and over again to achieve deeper and deeper levels of healing.

Donna will soon be releasing her Miracles of Total Body Healing 6 CD Miracle Healing Set which will target specific dis-ease states such as Addictions, Cancer, Anxiety and Depression, Asthma, Pain Relief, and Overcoming Grief.

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Kelsey- Dermatomyocytis Miraculously Healed



Donna McGrath MT, (ASCP) Board Certified Medical Technologist, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 1980.

Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizedek , 1994. Rev. Daniel Chesbro, Genesco, NY.

Certified Hypnotherapist, National Association of Hypnotherapists and Counselors. Steven Lavelle 1995.

International Association of Near Death Studies 1995-1998.

United We Stand America, Campaign Ross Perot,1992-1995.

UWSA Member of the Board of Directors NJ State. Somerset County Coordinator. Nominated for NJ State Director.

People of Distinction Humanitarian  Awards Committee Member.

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