Free Gift of the Day from Donna McGrath…A MUST READ
Reading or repeating this affirmation daily helps to program your subconscious into Creating Perfect Health, Strength Wholeness and Abundance and attracts these qualities into your life.

God Is My Perfect Health, Strength and Wholeness
I Believe in God. God is Supreme Intelligence, Perfect Purity, Perfect Physical Body, Perfect Emotional Body, Perfect Mental Body, and Perfect Spiritual Body.
God is Pure Heart Perfect Home, and Perfect Wholeness. God is Perfect Love, Perfect Partnership, Perfect Clarity, Perfect Memory, Perfect Vibrant Health, Perfect Wholeness,
Perfect Peace.
Perfect Joy
Perfect Bliss.
This Cosmic Consciousness is the Primary and only Force, always Creating in and out of itself.
I am a Perfect expression of God and as such I am Perfect Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body, Perfect Heart, Perfect Health, Perfect Happiness, Perfect Joy, Perfect Bliss, Perfect Truth and Perfect Wholeness.
There is no fear of the unknown or known in God Consciousness , therefore, I have no place for Fears in my world. I exhibit no denial
No addictions, no fear of survival, no fear of authority figures, no fear of control or confinement, no weakness, no self doubt, no lack of self-confidence,
no lack of abundance, prosperity or money
and no guilt feelings for
I always follow my own God Consciousness.
God is Perfect, therefore my decisions are always
Perfect for Me.
I always make the Best Decisions for me based upon Love.
I speak up for myself, stand up for myself and declare my own
Perfect Vibrant Health Now.
My Own Values, Beliefs, Intuition and My Own Inner Heart Feelings are always followed first and foremost by Me.
Feelings are the Language of the Soul and I cleanse, forgive and release all negative feelings and fears from the past. As I walk through core patterns and Fears with Courage, I Experience a New Burst of Energy as My Own Divine Truth Lifts me to my own highest Divine Vibration…
Perfect God Consciousness means Perfect alignment with my Highest personal Truth, Goals and My Highest Self therefore my Life, Actions and Values are always in direct alignment with my Divine God Consciousness.
Love. Freedom, Peace, Mental Clarity and Perfect Physical Health are mine Now.
These divine qualities dwell in each and every cell of my being and are activated Now.
I model these Divine Qualities and Virtues of
Unconditional Love and Emanate them out into the world as I walk.
God is Ultimate Strength and therefore supports my Abundance, Prosperity, Money flow, Health and Freedom with creative and innovative Ideas, Inspirations, Plans, and Goals. I follow these inspirations and they lead me to my Ultimate Prosperity and Abundance in the Physical Form of Love and Money.
I am surrounded by God’s Support and Support through Friends and Community. I attract all means of Love, Strength and Support for my Goals, Visions, Freedom, Health and Independence . I follow signs and synchronicities which lead me in the direction of the fulfillment of my Highest Dreams.
My talents have limitless potential. I release all limitations and repressions to unleashing my true talent and creativity out into the world. Abundance, Love, Prosperity, Happiness and Money are willingly Received by me with an
Open Mind and Heart and received with Gratitude, Joy and Bliss.
I release all karmic ties and all persons, people, places, things, erroneous thought patterns, fears and events from the past which have blocked, controlled, or interfered with me moving forward in my life.
I work with Divine Discernment, Vision and Wisdom, choosing perfect Relationships, which Lovingly Support my Perfect and
Happy New Sustenance.
I Graciously thank God in this Eternal Moment of Now which is of Absolute Duration for this Quantum Manifestation of Radiant Health , Miracle Healing, Ultimate Prosperity,, Freedom, Strength and Wholeness .
I place this into the Universal Law.
And so it is and so it is and so it is.
God is all there Is. God is Gracious.
©2007 Donna McGrath