LIVE! Donna McGrath presents

Miracles of Total Body Healing Meditation EXTRAORDINARY !!!!

Miracles of Total Body Healing Workshop

When, Friday Night: Feb 17, 2018

                                     7- 9:30 pm

                                                       Dr. Deborah Gooch

                            Network Wellness Center

                            25 Easy St.  Suite B

                               Carefree, Arizona


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Love to have you there! Come and Feel the Energy, Relax and De Stress!

                                                                              Manifest your Personal Miracle Tonight !!!!!!

You are invited to join Spiritual Master Energy Healer, Donna McGrath in this
total chakra clearing mediation. Donna will briefly review her 1994 out-of-body Enlightenment experience, then will guide you through the spinal column, organs, glands and chakras of the physical body, through the 9 dimensions, uniting you with your Highest Self.
* She will also answer audience questions and include custom-channeled energies, specific for the intentions of the group that evening.
* During the meditation you will be held in the Godhead, and then led back through the physical body, grounding your Divine Core Star being into your heart.
* This intensely powerful meditation requires the ability to relax for one full hour. Donna has found that this channeled meditation often promotes healing miracles! 
 In 1994, Donna McGrath experienced spiritual Enlightenment during a transcendent mystical out-of-body experience in which the Light of God revealed the “cure for all diseases” to her. Very simply, it was revealed to her that a clearing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies…replacing fear with Love… will accomplish total body healing.
Following her experience, Donna was gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the ability to perform long-distance miracle healings using what she terms energy work, coupled with “Psychic Psychology.” She has performed over 46,000 readings and physical healing miracles by energetically identifying and erasing emotional traumas from client’s soul records.
 For 14 years, Donna has quietly worked miracles behind the scenes.  Her successful healings include inflating a woman’s collapsed lung by phone (lab proof) and clearing in fifteen minutes, by phone, the need of a girl to undergo a lung transplant. Donna has facilitated healing a 79 year-old woman’s knee overnight, obviating the need for arthroscopic surgery the next day. She cleared an 8 year-old boy in Canada of gluten intolerance and a local politician of gluten intolerance in 2 sessions (lab proof).  A 3 year-old boy was healed of a severe asthmatic condition, which required round-the-clock use of a nebulizer, in two weeks.  A woman with breast cancer was healed in one hour. Another woman reverted from an HIV viral count of 100,000 to less than 10,000 in two sessions over the phone. That client is now HIV undetectable.  She has healed in one hour, by phone, a woman of two herniated discs which required surgery (lab proof). By mere touch, she has cleared cancer, neck pain, back pain, migraine pain, and has made scratches and vaccination bruises disappear before clients’ eyes.
Donna has remained one of the World’s Best Kept Secrets…until now!   
Donna McGrath, former NIH Molecular Biologist was invited to The White House under Ronald Reagan for her ground-breaking work regarding sickle-cell anemia, noted in Time, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. As seen on CNN, Donna is a gifted Trance Medical Intuitive and Master Energy Healer who communicates with and facilitates miracle healings from the other side
Donna is the founder of Create-a- Miracle Foundation, a foundation supporting True Spiritual Healing Modalities,financing healing for the sick, and Alternative Research for Children ages 0-99 !

Donna McGrath, Renowned Master Miracle Energy Healer will begin the
workshop with an audience gallery and questions and then
perform her 50 min miracle custom channeled healing meditation,
which has produced miracles in the thousands. LIMITED SEATING, ACT NOW!

Donate below or $33 at Door

RSVP to  267-392-9254
Bring Pillow and Yoga mat or blanket!


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Donna McGrath will be attending People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards in Washington DC and will be nominated for an UnSung Hero Award!!! God is Gracious!

If you have received a healing miracle through Donna McGrath”s Work then you are eligible to attend the ceremony and receive your Miracle Recipient certificate. Please contact Donna for details…

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