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Rev. Donna McGrath- Delivers Church Service and Miracle Healing Meditation

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Available Workshops Include:

MIRACLE AUDIENCE MEDITATION “Miracles of Total Body Healing”

Master Secrets to Creating Healing Miracles with Unconditional Love

Conscious Communication utilizing Unconditional Love

Unblocking Blocks to Abundance and Money in the Physical Form

Relationship Communication Skills Workshop

Miracles of Permanent Weight Loss

Quantum Master Healing Energy Certification

  • Join Pioneering Enlightened Energy Master and Medical Medium Donna McGrath as she describes what miracles are, what Unconditional Love Really Is and reveals her secrets to manifesting Miracles utilizing Unconditional Love…. View Donna’s powerful slide presentation of real life miracle recipients and their case histories. You will want to attend this presentation by one of the World’s Top 3 Miracle Healers!
  • Miracles of Total Body Healing Meditation 3:30-6:30 pm Workshop Fee $40.00 Ever experience a true healing Miracle? Feel for yourself! Following her initial case history presentation Donna McGrath will present a live audience gallery where she will ask specific audience members for their healing intentions. You will then experience a miracle for yourself as Donna presents her popular, life-altering, custom Miracle of Total Body Healing Audience Meditation, in which Donna will guide you through the chakras to Union with your Divine Self, cleansing and healing you of all major blockages in a relaxing and enthralling, 45 minute Total Body Healing Meditation, setting the stage for your own personal healing miracle….Over 90% of participants do actually experience personal Miracles! Exciting, Experiential… “The Real Deal”!
  • Donna McGrath, former groundbreaking NIH Molecular Biologist, who was invited to The White House under Ronald Reagan and featured in TIME, API, UPI, The Wall Street Journal and The New England Journal of Medicine is on of the World’s Top 3 Miracle Energy Healers, is a gifted Trance Medical Medium and Spiritual Teacher who facilitated 45,000 Miracle Healings in a plethora of grief and dis-ease conditions worldwide. She will showcase her CD’s “From Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality” and “Miracles of Total Body Healing Meditation”.
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