Miracle of the Month

2 Miracles of the Month …Same Client… Asthma, Abnormal EKG

Three weeks ago, a frantic mother called me after taking her beautiful 8 year old daughter to the ER with an abnormal EKG. The diagnosis was Voll- Parkinson’s Syndrome When she called the daughter had a heart rate of 50. I could see that she was sliding downhill fast. I pulled off the side of the road and did an emergency healing and also scheduled a full session with the mother when I returned home. Three hours later, the client called for the session and exclaimed with joy, “I don’t know what you did but she was up and fine and jumping on the couches !!! Her heartrate had normalized to 75, just as I had manifested. OMG, a miracle.!!!!

I did the session and cleared many of the issues, performed an energetic cardiac ablation but she still needed further sessions.
Her mom called today again in a panic because she had a weaken immune system and the girl had caught a cold from a friend. The asthma had kicked in, she had a lung infection rapid heartbeat, low oxygen, and high fever. Mom was set to take her to the ER but since we were on the phone , she asked me if I could do anything. I blew in the Breath of Life and her mother watched as her oxygen level went from 90 to 93 and her heart rate went from 120 to 111 in 15 mins. Mom was simply AMAZED and is still in awe. Further work must be done but she went to the doctor later in the day for a check up. She had a normal heartbeat, no fluid or mucous in the in the lungs, no pneumonia etc. God is Gracious!!! Donna+++