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Miracle Energy Sessions

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Private Session Fees- Schedule your private telephone session with Donna McGrath above today. Contact or call 267-392-9254 EASTERN US

Please clearly state your First and LAST NAME, PHONE NUMBER and GENERAL FOCUS of session on the VOICEMAIL. NO TEXTS will be responded to unless the above information is provided so…PLEASE LEAVE A VOICE MAIL MESSAGE.You will receive a return call as soon as possible. In this brief 15 min FREE consultation Donna will ascertain whether she can help and how many sessions will be needed using her guidance and muscle kinesiology.

Donna is very accurate in this assessment. She will also project and determine the number of sessions that she is guided to suggest or is needed to effect a successful outcome. If you cannot afford the correct number of sessions to effect a positive outcome, Donna will not commence work. All sessions are performed via Long Distance telephone healing sessions or skype if available.

Although prayer requests are taken and prayers sent, the best effect is to have an actual paid session, in this way, your core specific issue and traumas will be targeted and removed achieving the best outcome. The difference is likened to having a prayer request to fill a dental cavity or to have the actual tooth filled.

Suggestion is to NOT wait until the last possible moment before surrendering to the Divine and asking for help. Acute and cases of medium severity are taken at this time as Donna is completing her manuscripts and is traveling with her workshops. Cancer cases are considered only in stage one before chemo or radiation. Hospice patients are not taken at this time.

***Clearing Abundance and Prosperity Blocks to Grounding Money in the Physical

***Keys to Permanent Wt Loss (Releasing traumatic events in wt fluctuation history)

***Nutritional Guidance (Donna channeled remedies for 10 years in Health Food Industry)

***Relationship History Clearing of Dysfunctional Patterns in Relationships

***Mediumship, Contact with Deceased Loved Ones

***Clearing Dis-ease Patterns, Akashic Soul Records and Core Issues

Medical Disclaimer…Donna McGrath’s work is in no way, at any time considered to be a substitute for professional medical treatment and can never be misconstrued as such. Consult with your primary care physician first. Results may vary …miracles are never guaranteed, however are MORE LIKELY with a very open and strong POSITIVE belief system.

Note: It is not up to Donna to convince skeptics of  the efficacy of quantum energy work or the presence of Miracles! Donna has worked with over 45,000 clients over 21 years, with 10,000 channeled Nutritional Consultations, 15,000 Contact with Deceased Healing sessions, 10,000 Intuitive Consultations and individual sessions at National and International Shows. See Testimonial section for examples and Miracles of Total Body Healing Book for positive, wonderful examples of actual Miracles.

Miracles are most likely to be blocked by Doubt. Negative,Doubtful, skeptical clients will not be admitted to sessions. 

Strict Policy : As Donna’s sessions are similar to Spiritual Parapsychology  combined with transformative Quantum Energy Work, Absolutely No monetary refunds are given once a course of treatment has begun. Payment is expected BEFORE SESSIONS ARE BEGUN but after evaluation, unless otherwise specified.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Donna McGrath’s work is not a substitute for professional medical care. Please see your physcian and or medical professional for your primary medical care.